13 May

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We've all done it...love this ad. Enjoy.
23 April


Well observed campaign from HBO. Theres a whole lot of them out there.
Simplicity and a great cringe factor. 

07 April

Dont blink....Epically Epileptic Ad for Nike India.

Feeling exhausted after wathcing this one. But you gotta admire the effort and skill going into this one. Great music track.

Box from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

31 March

In the box

Captured entirely in camera, superb use of projection mapping. A graphic design geekfest in 3D.
29 March

One eyed snake...

Most mental music video of the year...and maybe ever. DJ Sake and Lil Jon and 'Turn down for what.'
If i had to explain the concept here i might end up sounding like a looney so just enjoy and keep it firmly in your trousers. (you'll understand)
25 March

I shipped my pants when i saw this...

No comment.
24 March

In the beginning

Well here it is my very first blog. So what can you expect.To be honest it'll just be a lot of my own crazy ramblings and patchy thoughts... with a smearing of creative influences. 
I will try and share with you all that i find creatively stimulating, funny and and fluffy on this crazy old world wide net thingy.

Its basically a jelousy blog full of the wonderfful things i wish i'd had done but was too busy to get around to.

To kick it all off here is a compilations of my favourite ads from last year for Direct TV which i class under "Damn i wish I had directed these" and similarly also in the file "I'd kill for scripts like these". Enjoy.